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    I really want to go diving in Raja Ampat. I have been doing my own reserach and it seems the best way to do this is on a liveaboard boat.

    I am not a big fan of boats so not sure I could handle spending a whole week living on a boat.

    My ideal trip would be a few days at a resort, a few days on a liveaboard boat and a few days at the resort before I fly out.

    Any suggestions on resorts to stay and combine with a live aboard boat?

    I am looking to go in July. Are the weather conditions good then?


    Hey Beaker. I was also planning to go diving in Raja Ampat in July as it is the best time for me to take holidays. I reached out to one of the liveaboard boat tours companies and they responded that most liveaboard boats do not organise tours in July as the see conditions are not good. See the response from them below:

    Generally the best season to dive Raja Ampat is from October till April. Most operators will not be there during the rest of the year. This has partly to do with the wind from the South creating a big swell and waves (some resorts therefore are closed, but this also depends on where they are located), but also because the high season in Komodo is then starting. So most operators I know will be around Bali / Komodo during April – October. I’m afraid I can also not speak from personal experience how “bad” it gets during July.

    So I’m afraid I can not help you with trips in July in Raja Ampat.

    You are of course most welcome to join us in Komodo, I leave the general information at the end of this email just in case, I hope you don’t mind!

    — I guess I need to rethink were I go diving in July. I did just go to Komodo National Park in December and the diving was spectacular so maybe I will head back there for an extending diving trip.

    Hope this helps.


    Thanks for the information. I didn’t realise the conditions are not good in Julu in Raja Ampat. Glad you told me. I was getting ready to book my flights etc.

    I guess I have to rethink my holiday in July. Looks like there boats are in Komodo National Park in July. Maybe I will go there.

    Which dive company gave you that information?

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    I had emailed Scuba Republic. They emailed back with an hour so very responsive.
    Scuba Republic

    Here is some more information I have gathered on the costs of diving in Raja Ampat:

    There seems to be so many dive companies that offer liveaboard boats in Raja Ampat. I think more than 50.
    The prices don’t seem to vary much. I had looked at this a few years ago and I always had in my head that it was going to cost more than $2000 for a 1 week trip just for the liveaboard boat. I am not sure if I got it wrong or if the prices have come down due to competition.

    One of the best prices I saw was
    7 days and 6 nights for US$1690
    Dive equipment (this can be rented for 6 days) USD 140
    This price includes all your transfer from Sorong, food, water. Extra cost for soft drinks and beer.

    Return flights with Garuda Indonesia from Jakarta to Sorong in July cost around 3,521,800Rp which is around US$256. This was a sale price available now, so this price could increase coming closer to the time.

    On top of this you have to pay the Marine Park fee separately which costs 1,000,000Rp which is around US$70

    Total prices

    Liveaboard US$1690
    Dive equip US$140
    Flights US$256
    Park Fee US$70

    Total US$2156
    Euros 1739

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