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    What is the best way to travel from Bali to Lombok?
    We are a family of 4 staying in Seminyak Bali and are traveling over to Lombok to stay at Sengiggi Beach and then maybe over to the Gili Islands.

    Is it best to travel by fastboat to the Gili Islands first or the big ferry across to Lombok.
    Or should we fly?

    We have plenty of time so can take our time getting there but worried about getting on and off boats with the family.


    I have gone to Gili all the forms of transport you mentioned. I have taken the fastboat a few times to the Gili Islands, I have taken the large public ferry direct to Lombok and I have flown from Bali to Lombok

    If you are not in the rush take the big public ferry. These boats are huge so I felt safe on them. It takes a few hours to cross but you can get food and drinks onboard.

    The fastboats can be hit and miss. One trip we did I was scared. The sea conditions were not good and the boat got tosssed about and waves were crashing over the boat and in through the windows. If the sea conditions are calm then the fast boats are fine.

    Flying is the easiest option but it doesn’t save you that much time. You have to check in early at Bali airport. The flight is only about 50 minutes but the airport is in the middle of Lombok so would take an extra 1 hour by car from the airport up to Senggigi Beach.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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